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Air Conditioning Planned Maintenance in Kent London

Airconaire provide air conditioning planned maintenance in Kent and London. Our preventative maintenance contracts are tailored to ensure that your mechanical services equipment, air conditioning and refrigeration are always running at maximum efficiency. Cutting back on planned maintenance has proven to be a false economy.

For our customers, avoiding service breakdowns is a major priority. Our experience also tells us that regular planned maintenance is essential to ensure efficient, trouble-free running of any system. 

A reactive approach to mechanical & air conditioning service and maintenance, such as repairing the system only when breakdowns occur, significantly increases through-life costs due to premature component failure and inefficient energy use.

A typical contract is based upon two six monthly visits per annum where key data is recorded, the refrigerant log maintained. We also offer to Contract Maintenance Customers a 365 day 24 hour call out service where they are also entered on the Company Priority Service List. More frequent visits can be scheduled if required.

To maintain the manufacturer's extended parts warranty, the equipment must be covered by a maintenance contract.

Our Maintenance Contracts can be tailored to individual requirements: 
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Extended Warranty Periods
  • One Stop Shop for Air Conditioning
  • Heating and Ventilation

As part of our standard maintenance contract, Airconaire will maintain F-gas record sheets on your behalf ensuring that your company is fully compliant with this regulation.

See how Airconaire can get you on the right track with our planned maintenance contracts for air conditioning planned maintenance in Kent & London:

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