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Air Conditioning Installation in Kent & London

The perfect working environment is essential for all businesses.

A total solution approach to office air conditioning that can create a climate for success.

air conditioning installation londonAirconaire offer our clients customerised air conditioning installation kentbespoke HVAC designs and installation to create the ideal working environment that will help to ensure a year-round solution to create a comfortable and productive environment for your staff, our designs also incorporate the latest technologies to minimise energy use and carbon emmissions, so you can operate as an economic and environmentally responsible business.

How can we improve the efficiency of climate control?

  • Minimise waste heat and energy consumption by integrating heat recovery.
  • Generate low cost hot water via heat reclaimed from the building.
  • Reduce the building cooling load by using free cooling in office ventilation.
  • Increase efficiency through system scheduling, intelligent controls and remote monitoring.
  • Reduce installation costs, with cassettes designed to fit flush into standard ceiling tiles.

Design & Installation

Working with the global leaders in climate control, Airconaire only installs state-of-the-art air conditioning technology for its clients in commerce, industry, the public sector and domestically.

Our partners, including Mitsubishi, and Daikin are all world-class manufacturers - but more than this they are pioneers, investing heavily in research that consistently improves the design of air conditioning systems.

This, in turn, improves your energy efficiency performance - saving you money and impacting positively on the bottom line.

Our core business established over many years with a glowing reputation for air conditioning installation based on our ability to offer innovative heating and cooling systems.

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